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The decay that appears on different surfaces in the urban landscape, being it on walls, doors, dumpsters, fences and the like, fascinates me.

The results are new forms, shapes, lines and patterns and they are pretty anonymous and often neglected if you are not observant and looking for them. But then starts the exciting and creative part: selecting what is interesting, organizing the shapes and lines in the camera's viewfinder and composing and creating the final abstract photograph.

I am aware of that this part of the process is also influenced by many visits to art galleries and museums and my interest in abstract art. Likewise the conceopt of pareidolia comes into play: our tendency to recognize human beings and creatures in inanimate objects.

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Pentimento is an art term, meaning “the revealing of a painting or part of a painting that has been covered over by a later painting”.

The term seems appropriate  for my pictures of torn posters (often replaced with new posters) found in the urban space, being it on walls, billboards and the like.

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Walls are photographed  at the Traduntse Temple in Western Tibet.

Walls is a project based on the concept of palimpsest. Palimpsest is a very old document on which the original writing has been erased to reuse the paper and replaced with new writing. Often the original writing kind of shines through. In a broader sense palimpsest is something that has changed over time and shows evidence of that change.

The Walls pictures are not necessarily easily decoded. One sees layers of different images, drawings and writings on top of each other and suddenly totally new images seem to emerge and demand our attention and lead our thoughts in new directions.

This - and the painterly effect of the walls - and for me also some clear references to certain artist's works - intrigued me and made me make the photographs.

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