You go away for a long time and return a different person - you never come all the way back.

                                                                                                   Paul Theroux, in Dark Star Safari

Nepal is maybe mostly known for Mount Everest and the other 8000 meters in the Himalayas – and for the numerous and adventurous trekking trips they offer. But Nepal is a lot more!

Himalaya has always according to Hindu mythology been the abode of the Gods. Its easy to understand that the gigantic snowy peaks – almost inaccessible – have given them this aura of divinity. And just below the Himalayas lies the Kathmandu Valley – with its towns, temples and other religious power places.

I have been traveling extensively in Nepal since 2011 doing treks (see my pictures in the “Destinations” section) but also in the Kathmandu valley visiting the cities and more Hindu and Buddhist power places imaginable.

Ancient traditions of animism and shamanism have influenced and can still be traced in the living Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal. And contrary to many other countries the different religions coexist peacefully and have - although not merged – but borrowed Gods and Goddesses from each other creating a special Nepalese variety.

Combined with a beautiful nature, colorful temples, traditional crafts and not least the Nepalese people it is all a photographer can wish for.

In the photo essays and galleries below I have tried to convey in pictures and short texts this beautiful country. 

Pls. note that this is still being updated.

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